Boredom is one of the biggest enemies of any entrepreneur or business owner.

But I’m so busy, what do you mean? 

Simple and best illustrated with two quick examples from the last couple of days…

#1 – I was on a group coaching call yesterday and one of the participants shared how her results were down on a new approach she was trying.

At least compared to her old way.

She was asked why she changed…

“I just got bored doing the same thing.”

 It happens. 

And it’s like the old idiom that we get sick of telling our story long before the market tires of hearing it.

#2 – Old school copywriter Malcolm Decker wrote an advertising and direct mail package for a children’s book publisher… it was the control for 27 years.

You may have come across the headline in one of the promos… 

“We’re looking for people to write children’s books” 

Imagine that… a 27 year streak…

How do you do that?

Simple (enough) answer… 

You renovate, you don’t knock down and start anew.

Renovating in marketing terms means you keep the fundamentals of a campaign intact but renovate it or refresh it with new offers, new graphics, different testimonials and more. 

Acknowledgement to my old pal in the US Lawrence Bernstein for the above example.

And to quote from the book Target Marketing:

“What are the odds of hitting a home run with an entirely new package, as opposed to winning by strengthening the performance of an already established control?” 

With this in mind… 

What have you stopped doing in your marketing or in your business that was successful but you just got bored with it? 

Where can you renovate… with new aspects… rather than rebuild? 

The “renovation option” can certainly save you time and energy because you know your market responds to it… and will likely do so again when it’s got a fresh coat of paint.  

Over to you how you might apply this principle to your business.



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