Can you add one more?

I’m talking about a marketing channel.  

NO, not suggesting you rush out now and shoot 55 Tik Tok videos (unless you want to and have mastered another channel or two).   

What I am referring to is that in my experience a multi-channel approach has always produced the best results.  

Not just email.   

Not just socials.  

Not just SMS.   

Not just direct mail.  

Not just Youtube. 

Not just your website or storefront.  

And more.   

All of them can work well on their own. But they work better combined. Test which combos work best for you. 

Consider the latest data which suggests your customers have to see your message 15 times before they act.  

So the more places you show up the better.  

Example:   a US-based wine club sent text + email for their latest offer… when compared to email, SMS produced… 

  • 3 times better open rates than email
  • 4 times more click throughs than email
  • 32 times more sales than email

If they’d just used email????


Both combined = successful campaign.  (source: CDMG Inc).  

A single channel? Yep, better than none, but as you can see, multichannel works better. 


I spoke about my client in the rural space in South Australia that sells big farm sheds (see post 2/5/23) and the importance of “final reminder” notices. 

The short version… 

The reminder SMS and emails that were sent out to farmers in the last week of the campaign generated a tone of activity in the three days before the April 30 deadline. 

In fact, it turned into a record for sales in April. 

Yes, pretty cool. The client is happy! 

I’m not suggesting for a second the “only” factor was the multi-channel reminders… others included a strong offer, close relationship with the list, direct mail pieces, and more. 

But the final multi channel push helped create the record month.

One of the buyers on 29/4, the day before the deadline, was a farmer who’d bought 7 sheds from my client over the years. He knew their product. Their process. Their quality. And he knew what he wanted…

But even a “regular” needed a final reminder in a couple of channels. 

So yeah, today, another reminder about how you “show up” for your market. 

Can you add another channel? Or at least plan to do so in the next little while? 

It could be a game-changer. 



PS Reminder: signed copies of my new book The Influential Marketer are available at: If outside Australia visit (note: my reminders about my book have been published here B2B Sunshine Coast, my email list, Facebook, launch partner promos via emails and their social media… that is, a multi-channel approach).