Yesterday a photo memory popped up for me, it was of the last in-person copywriting training I ran for business owners about 5 years ago. 
Two days jam-packed with nuggets to boost conversions and build businesses. 

For many, it was business-changing. 

The image attached to this article was the “memory” that appeared out of nowhere as they are want to do.     
It was a nice trip down memory lane. But it also got me thinking about the time that’s passed since then and what I’ve learned. 
In short, a bunch. 
As I reflected on this, I thought I’d compile a short list of copywriting and marketing things which stand out in that time… 

Not “THE” things but… 

Learnings. Reminders. Re-affirmations about knowledge gained. 

As the saying goes… small hinges swing big doors…

So here we go, “The 5 BIG Conversion Lessons from the Last 5 Years” that can change your results:
#1 – In copy, lists work… always have, always will… Proof: you’re reading this aren’t you??? There’s something hard-wired into our DNA about lists… grocery list, to do list etc that resonate on a deep level… Plus we hate things to be incomplete so we generally read to the end of them… lists work and I use them wherever I can in copy. Other examples: The 9 Ways to Write a High Converting Blog… 11 Investing Secrets Used by the Rich and Famous… The 7 Tax Saving ‘Hacks” the ATO Doesn’t Want You to Know About… The 10 Common Pantry Foods Harming Your Gut Health… the key is to make them intriguing so the audience wants to read them… 
#2 – We are blind to the obvious… this happens so often, just last week for example working with a client who sells solutions to high net worth individuals… we’re talking intelligent people here… to me the angle and flow of the marketing piece was obvious, to her not so… this is NOT about me being “smarter” than anyone… it’s that we are so “in” our business we miss stuff. Americans have a saying: “You can’t read the label from inside the jar”. So true. I’m the same. I’m too close to my business too eg at coffee with a marketing mate earlier last week, when discussing my business he said, “Why don’t you do X?” Me: silence… um, yeah, why don’t I… it was obvious to HIM, an outsider, not so to me… it’s not about “smarts”, most of us are “inside the jar” which is why fresh eyes are vital to growth and why business owners appreciate “Marketing Escape Room” – read on for details how this can help you.
#3 – Stories are key to sales… they are the human element that connects us and lets us reveal parts of ourselves to our market which builds trust… oh, and because they are YOUR stories, AI can’t match that. Stories are a little like lists… as humans we are hard-wired to connect to stories. Think about it. From before we could talk we were read stories, told stories… we read stories to our kids when they were little… and as a copywriter I look for the story angle I can use. Check back over the articles I’ve posted here in B2B Sunshine Coast. You’ll see they are story heavy. Stories can be used in MANY ways… to build trust, to provide proof, to explain a concept, to reveal the origin of a product and more. 
#4 – Multi-channel is my preferred delivery method for marketing messages… the big question I ask is, where can you add another channel? SMS? Email? Socials? The more channels we can reach prospects in the better the chance of success. Just about all of the successful campaigns I’ve been involved in leverage a multi-channel approach. It’s about reaching prospects where they are. 
#5 – Reminders are essential… numerous campaigns I’ve been involved in reveal this trend… generally the most sales are made on the LAST DAY of a campaign followed by the first day… in between those times sales are more of a trickle… remember this: people buy in their time, not ours… plus all of us are busy and require numerous taps on the shoulder to get us moving, particularly as deadlines approach… us humans, despite best intentions, get distracted by the busy-ness of life and we forget… until we get reminded! 
There you go, The 5 Big Conversion Lessons from the Last 5 Years. 

With all that said, it would be remiss of me not to practice what I teach. 
Here is a reminder that signed copies of my new book The Influential Marketer are available at:  Marketing Escape Room”. If outside Australia visit