Gosh it sucks…
You put all this work in, get the ducks lined up, launch and then…
Just about every business owner who’s ever sold a thing has had this happen.
And it’s one of the things I’m called in to do.
If you’ve got a stalled campaign that needs the fire of the dragon breathed into it and pronto, here’s what to do…
#1 Determine what the problem is… is it a traffic problem or a conversion problem or a tech/delivery problem (least likely)
#2 Once you know this pull apart the blockage and reverse engineer it 
#3 Re-test, tweak and let it loose
Quick example:
The last big project I worked on before Covid hit was for a land developer in regional Victoria. 
They had a 25 lot development and had only sold, via a local agent, about 5 blocks in 7 months.
And they needed the funds to turbo charge other projects.
Here’s what we found…
The website and the copy sucked. Big time.
They had little to no follow up.
They had a BIG list which wasn’t being leveraged.
It was a conversion problem.
We got clear on their target market, specifically who their heavy users were.
Re-engineered the copy and website to appeal to them, including some much needed proof, “product in action” and a cool “snapper”. 
Then we crafted new ways to engage the heavy users in their list. 
And let them at it. 
The fire of the dragon sure as heck breather new life into this bad boy…
All blocks were sold within 6 or 7 weeks of the re-launch to the tune of about 4 mil and change.
When things aren’t working, take a step back and look for where the problem REALLY is. 
It can also pay to get a fresh set of EXPERIENCED eyes on it because often we’re too close to what we do. 
All for now. 

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